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American Comfort Worldwide has many years experience as “indoor environmentalists.” First as pioneers and now as a no.1 market leader, ACW has been a step ahead by providing a new style in living comfortably. Only the newest technologies with savviest styles have been introduced in ACW products; a true sign that ACW is your preferred market leader. With a fully staffed and capable operation, ACW is able to leverage its worldwide presence to benefit various local markets. It also allows for a comprehensive range of products to cover all the needs of our loyal customer base.



Portable infrared Heaters and Portable Air Conditioners


America’s Favorite Supplier of Home Heating and Air Conditioning

Providing state of the art portable air conditioners, infrared heaters, and much more. American Comfort remains the leading provider of home comfort items. Our team of highly trained market researchers have identified the cutting edge products being offered in the home market, ensuring that we only sell the most technologically advanced offerings. Pioneers in the industry, our portable air conditioners are only one of many examples of the cutting edge technology being offered by American Comfort.

As pioneers in the comfort living industry, we’ve grown from a small local operation to a global presence. Through our internal growth, we’ve been able to facilitate growth in the many local communities we serve. Expanding our operation to an international presence has allowed us to survey the needs of customers of all different locations, allowing us to provide you the customer with the best product possible.

We strive to keep that growth going, and are very eager to hear any feedback on our current products or ideas for future projects, so that we may better serve you in the future. Recently, we’ve added portable air conditioners to our ever expanding line, after feedback that traditional air conditioners were too heavy to move and operate. That, along with a slew of other intuitive features, has made American Comfort a household name, and the portable air conditioner one of our flagship products.

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