If you’ve heard of Oreck, you probably know them as a vacuum cleaner company. Established in 1963, the company quickly branched out into other home cleaning products such as steam mops. It was really only a matter of time before they adapted their technology to air purification too! Let’s take a look at the features and advantages Oreck air purifiers have over the competition.

What does an air purifier do?

As the name implies, an air purifier cleanses the air of harmful contaminants. They help filter out common allergens such as dust and pollen. They can also eliminate secondhand smoke or make the air more lung-friendly in heavily polluted areas.

What filtration technology does Oreck use?

Oreck specializes in a proprietary technology called Truman Cell EP. This is a unique form of electrostatic precipitation that gives you the same performance when the cell is either dirty or clean. Unlike traditional HEPA filters that lose effectiveness as they are used and get dirty, the Truman Cell retains the same efficiency and you simply wash it the sink or dishwasher

Truman Cell EP

The Truman Cell is a filtration technology exclusively developed for Oreck. It is an electrostatic precipitator (EP) filter made from metal plates and wires. As contaminate particles enter the purifier they are positively charged and trapped by the negatively charged plates inside the filter. All Truman Cell air purifiers come with an odor-reducing component that is either disposable or permanent depending on the model.

The major advantage of Truman Cell EP is there is no need to buy replacement filters. The filter needs to be washed regularly but is permanent. Like HEPA-based purifiers, all Truman Cell models feature an indicator light that tells users when the filter needs cleaning. The time between cleanings can vary, but typically they need washing every 30 days. To clean the filter, all you need to do is remove it from the unit, wash it with water and soap, rinse it clean, and then reinsert it.

Another advantage is the EP is generally quieter than a HEPA unit because it requires less power.

.● And while Truman Cell EP models typically cost more at the outset, however you will save more in the long run because you will not need to buy replacement filters simply rinse it clean.