If you are one of the lucky ones owning or buying an electric heater, you have just won yourself freedom from cleaning the smoke, grime and smokestacks from a fireplace. Thanks to portable heating and air conditioning appliances, living in places with extremely cold winters has become much more manageable. Modern electric heaters are simplified and efficient versions of traditional fireplaces. With no need for ventilation to function and since they are much less likely to produce pollutants like carbon monoxide and ash or soot wearing the interior of the fireplace, electrical heaters have become an indispensable cold region necessity. With more and more sophisticated versions, electric heaters not only warm up homes faster but are also environmentally much less hazardous, easier to use and super easy to maintain. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure that your electric heater is doing its job perfectly, especially in winters like Winnipeg.

Regular care

Most of us only worry about our electric heaters at the onset of winters. However, regular care for the heaters can increase durability, cost efficiency and prevent breakdowns. It is advisable to follow instructions to rightfully store your electric heaters once their use is over.

Circuit check

First things first! The circuit is the most critical part of the heating system and any snag can result, not just in an ineffective heating system, but also in a more serious outcome such as a short circuit or fire. Always check the owners manual for first installing a system correctly and thereafter at every cleaning cycle to ensure that the circuit is complete and safe to operate.

Power shut

A mandatory shutting off power for not just electrical heaters but any electronic appliances before cleaning is a must. Ensure that before beginning the cleaning, the power supply has been switched off. If the electric heater was in use just immediately before, wait for its heated elements to cool down before beginning the cleaning procedures.

Getting ready

For appliances like heaters and air conditioners, an owner manual is your best friend. If you are planning to clean them by yourself, read about how and what instruments, vacuum settings and cleaning liquids are suitable for the delicate parts inside your electric heater. Make sure not to deviate from the recommended steps or products. Best in class brands like American Comfort provide detailed guidance in their user manual to assist even first time owners to ensure maximum efficiency and thorough care of their heating appliances.

Cleaning procedure

To clean the heater correctly and efficiently, first clean the heating element by removing the front cover and vacuuming it on a low setting. This will essentially remove dust particles and debris that may have accumulated on the heating plates due to non usage or general wear and tear. Before switching on the heater again, make sure that all the parts are well connected and surfaces are dry.

Most electric heaters can yield great results for many years if their users can incorporate simple and efficient cleaning procedures. It is imperative to employ cleaning techniques that match each of your electric heaters depending on the brand and power. This brings cost efficiency, less maintenance and maximum durability for your electric heater.

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