Clean Air PLUS Super Package for Oreck XL Tabletop Pro Air Purifier


  • For use with your AIRPCS and AIRPCB model air purifiers
  • A $423.40 value, you pay just $179.95. A 57% savings.
  • Includes:

    1 litre Air Cell Cleaner (SKU: AirCellCleaner) – Cleans the cell plates on your Oreck Air Purifier and keeps it in tip top shape.

    1 Odour Absorber Plus – XL Tabletop Professional (SKU: AP1PKP) – Replacement Odour Absorber Plus helps reduce odoursand VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as chemical fumes created by common household cleaners and synthetic materials.

    1 Bag of 8 Pack Scent Cartridges (SKU: FA1PK or FA3PK) – Scented air cartidges for use with the Super Air 7 Air Purifier models, AIR7B and AIR7C, all AIR8, and AIRPCS/AIRPCB model Air Purifiers (controls on front of unit)