Dry Boat


Dry Boat 12 is stainless steel version of Dry Fan especially designed to protect a yacht or a boat. It does everything as a Dry Fan and has same dimensions. The stainless steel keeps your yacht and boat dry as the salt present in moisture is highly corrosive. Ideal for many applications for boats, yachts or any shipping but also where cleanliness is important and protects the harmful effects of excess moisture on boats, yachts etc. on electronics, furnishing & the very fabric of the hull that can literally rot the boat from the inside out. It also stops the bad smells associated with damp making the cabin more pleasant to inhabit.



Dry Boat 12 protects your larger boat or yacht investment from the inside with the Turbo Fan. It protects the cabin from the harmful effects of moisture but also allows for a longer duct length. Only 4cm longer than the DryBoat 8 & ideal for larger vessels. Gives a healthy environment & saves cost of serious structural problems. The Turbo Fan also gives better air filtration refreshing air more efficiently.


DryBoat 12 (DH1200 INOX) 12 Litre Boat Dehumidifier

  • Compact all metal construction
  • Ideal for applications where drying is needed continuously
  • Can be used to dry even at -20°C (40°C maximum)
  • Carrying handle for easy portability
  • Four feet that double as anchor points should you wish to fix the DryBoat® in place
  • Air filter with easy access for cleaning
  • Built in humidistat that can be user set & Remote humidistat option that is plugged by low voltage jack plug
  • Duct air-in option
  • All metal tough construction inside & out
  • Easy access to key parts for fast repair
  • CSKU: DH1200 INOX


  • Dry Boat 12: 12 Liters/day water extraction
  • Dry Boat 12: Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 280 x 190 x 190
  • Noise only 44dB for DH1200
  • On / Off controls; Long power cord of 5m
  • 220V supply that can be run off 12VDC-220VAC converters (110V option)
  • IP 24 Rated
  • Standby Power only 2W
  • Operational Power 500W
  • Fan air volume 130m³/h
  • Weight only 6.6kg
  • Designed in UK