Dry Fan


Dry Fan is an innovative technology to provide humid free spaces for you. It replaces bulky traditional dehumidifiers and saves you energy costs. It is portable and installs easily anywhere you want. It operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year making it your perfect home solution product.

  • No Compressor to burnout
  • Perfect for homes & Vacation Properties
  • Nano-Mist Technology: Moisture is simply vented out


Dry Fan’s unique technology allows it to run continuously, without producing any water, only a fine mist that evaporates to the outdoors.

Dry Fan has no compressor to burnout saving you from fire hazards and making it safe to use inside enclosed spaces.

Dry Fan easily installs anywhere you want making it perfect for laundry rooms, Attics, Basements and Crawl Spaces. It can be used even upside down on ceilings.

Dry Fan keeps drying when normal dehumidifiers stop. It works even at temperatures ( -20 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius ( -4 F to 104 F)

Dry Fan is equivalent to a 25 liter (50 Pint) normal dehumidifier and saves money by reducing energy costs.


  • Operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • Patented Desiccant Technology
  • Nano Mist Technology: Turns Humidity into Fine Mist
  • Commercial Grade Moisture Extraction
  • Keeps 1200 sq. Ft. dry, no compressor to burnout
  • Fully automatic operation and not affected by power cuts
  • Easy to carry with one hand with central carrying handle
  • Runs continuously without being worried about power cuts or compressor burnout.


  • Dimensions:

Dry Fan 8: 190mm * 190mm * 190mm

Dry Fan 12: 190mm * 190mm * 240mm

  • Can be used with Standard Main Electricity or AC DC converted Power
  • Water Extraction:

Dry Fan 8: 8 liters

Dry Fan 12: 12 liters

  • Weight:

Dry Fan 8 – weighs 5 kg

Dry Fan 12 – weighs 7 kg

  • 5-meter power cord
  • 4 anti- scratch plastic feet
  • Easy to remove filter compartment
  • Designed in UK