EdenPURE® Classic Plus

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An EdenPURE® break-through in heating technology increases heating efficiency and produces a more even heat which is guaranteed to save you more money on your home heating bills than ever before.

EdenPURE® engineers have created the Copper Helix Infrared Bulb. Acting like a battery, the layered copper helix captures heat emitting from the Far-Infrared bulb, and then starts to emit heat into your room as well.

The Copper Helix Infrared Bulb also eliminates hot spots in your home caused by inferior, cheap imitation heaters. No more cold spots in a room, just wall to wall, ceiling to floor warmth.

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The EdenPURE® Classic Plus comes equipped with our advanced new technology, the Copper Helix Far Infrared commercial quartz tubes. The Far Infrared tubes act like a battery with the layered copper helix wrap capturing and storing heat emitting from the Infrared bulbs, which puts more heat into your room. The increase in additional heating efficiency gives you MORE heat with less wasted electricity, saving you more money compared to imitation heaters.

• Copper Helix commercial quartz tubes produce a healthy far infrared heat like an infrared sauna

• Increases heating efficiency with less electricity

• Great for large size rooms

• Safe around children & pets


• Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs
• 1500 Watts
• Cannot start a fire
• Safe around children and pets
• Safety tip over switch
• Overheat protection
• Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs have a 10,000 hour lifespan


• Dimensions: 13”(W) x 16.5”(D) x 16.7”(H)
• 16.4 pounds
• 1500 Watts
• Remote included
• ETL approved
• Amps: 12.03
• Electric Cord: 6 feet
• Made in China

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