EdenPURE GEN32 SuperBuddy


The new EdenPURE® GEN32 SuperBuddy™ infrared heater is the most compact EdenPURE® heater ever produced. It is so small and light you can take it with you anywhere to be warm. It also has a Cooling Mode built into it so you can use it during those hot summer months as well!

• PTC infrared heat so there is no bulbs to burn out.

• Cannot start a fire. Completely safe around children & pets.

• Is a heater & fan so you can use it year round.

• Completely portable. You can take it with you anywhere.

Product Description

The new EdenPURE® GEN32 SuperBuddy™ can save you 33% to 66% or more on your heating bills than the old, big box, infrared heater. It puts out powerful 450-950 watt heat.

It heats the area all around you to be toasty warm so you don’t have to heat a large area and waste energy. The GEN32 has solid state, PTC infrared heat so there are no bulbs to burn out.

The EdenPURE® GEN32 SuperBuddy™ is much more durable and therefore longer lasting than old, big box, infrared heaters. It is also much safer because it cannot start a fire and is totally safe around children and pets. It cannot burn them.

Heats and cools a small room evenly, wall to wall and floor to ceiling. It does not reduce humidity and oxygen. Is perfect for bedrooms, college dorms and offices. It is also perfect for travel. Just throw it in your suitcase.


• Solid state, PTC infrared heating component
• Cooling mode
• Super Compact
• Super portable
• Puts out powerful 450-950 Watts
• Cannot start a fire
• Safe around children and pets
• Swivels automatically on its base


• Dimensions: 4 ½” sq. X 8” high
• Weighs 2 pounds
• 450-950 Watts
• ETL approved
• Amps: 4.13 on high/3.78 on low
• Cord length: 4 ft.
• Made in China

Manuals / Warranties