Buying a new air conditioner unit should not be left until it is 30C and everyone is sweating inside. Take the time to do extensive research when choosing the right one for your cooling needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop around:

Window or Split AC?

You may not have a choice between the two if the space you are looking to cool is small, or if you are a renting the space. Window ACs are ideal for small spaces and are easier to install and take with you if you do move. It does tend to be noisier than Split AC units, though.

If you are looking for a permanent option that is energy efficient and cools your space quickly, then Split AC is the way to go. Especially if you go with an inverter series from big brands like LG or Samsung, which keep noise to a minimum. These units will cost more to purchase and install, but will save you more money over time as they use less energy than window units and work more efficiently.


Ensure the unit you choose is equipped to cool your entire space. Buying an air conditioner with lower tonnage than you need will mean it will have to work harder to maintain the temperature you want. ACs running over capacity will also emit a foul smell in your space.

To calculate the tonnage required for your room:
● Figure out the area of the floor
● Divide the area by 600
● Add 0.5 for every five people
This means floor areas of the below square footage will requiring the corresponding tonne of capacity:
100 – 0.8
150 – 1
250 – 1.5
300 – 2

Star Ratings

Their criteria are based on how energy efficient the system is, and typically the high the rating the more the unit will cost upfront. Ideally, you should pick the most energy efficient appliance as it will cost you less in utilities over time. Although, if you will not be using your unit too often, it could be worth it to opt for an appliance with a lower star rating.


There are a variety of features an air conditioner can come with that can make maintenance easier. Some can repel mosquitoes, auto clean the filter, and even have the flaps move in all directions, which is called 3D cooling while premium models come with a dehumidifier. The extras are not necessary for everyone, but can add further comfort to your home.


To get the most from your new air conditioner, it must be installed properly. If you get a window unit, make sure it is level so that it drains correctly. Move any heat-generating devices like a TV or lamp away from the unit. Also, make sure you can easily access the filter for cleaning as you will need to do this frequently to keep the unit in pristine condition. As you use your AC, be aware of the warranty in case of any malfunctions.

Contact a professional to get a recommendation backed by experience and tailored to your needs.