Your home’s HVAC system and air conditioner are probably the last things to come to your mind when thinking about your skin’s health. However, you may be surprised to know that these requirements can be extremely important in determining your skin’s moisture and well being. HVAC plays an important role when it comes to dry skin. Following a few guidelines can help you to stay comfortable in the cold, harsh Winnipeg winters without depriving your skin of moisture.

Avoid Hot Showers

Fancy a warm, hot shower to beat the winter blues? Who doesn’t! Although hot showers feel like eternal bliss in sub-zero temperatures, your flaking and scaling skin may be a result of those blissful, long hot showers. Hot water makes your skin extremely dry, and when you step out of the shower in a room with an HVAC system, it makes matters worse. It is best to reduce the length of hot showers or opt for warm showers instead so that your skin stays moisturized. Hot and prolonged shower deprives your body of moisture, plus increases your bills due to water and electricity consumption. Switching to a cooler temperature means you finish your shower quickly and save costs too.

Conserve hot air in and eliminate cold air

Seal proofing your home against any form of air leaks can help you to remain warm, cozy and avoid dryness. Seal up your home against any air leaks from windows, door crevices, etc. Seal proof your home to stop outside dry air from entering your home. Look for places such as windows, attics or garages that may have slight openings that let the cold air crawl in your home. Sealing your home tightly will help your skin to stay moisturized and will also help you to maintain excellent indoor temperatures. You can also tweak your thermostat to moderate heat and save on energy costs.

Use a Humidifier

If you feel like your skin is getting too dry, why not use a humidifier. Humidifiers are an excellent way to ensure comfort and moisture indoors. They help to make indoors more pleasant with adequate moisture in the air in a natural and controlled way. With humidifiers, your indoor temperatures feel more pleasant. Also, they also help to reduce heating costs as the cooler air doesn’t feel quite as cold. Like most of us, if you feel the jolt of static with anything/anyone you touch, humidifiers can offer protection from the unpleasant experience by maintaining an optimum level of moisture.

Maintaining your equipment

In addition to attuning your equipment correctly, it is also important to buy your heating equipment from a well known and reputed store. Make sure to maintain it with regular cleaning and servicing. Check your heating equipment for proper functioning and get it examined from professionals for any upkeep, before the onset of winters.

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